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Fateless Trilogy

A Time Travel Romance / Historical Fantasy series set in the world of the Echo Trilogy. Chronologically, the Fateless Trilogy takes place after the events in the Kat Dubois Chronicles. Reading the Echo Trilogy and the Kat Dubois Chronicles first will provide a richer experience, but doing so isn't strictly necessary, as the storylines of each series can stand on their own.


The first book in a brand new series set in the world of the Echo Trilogy and the Kat Dubois Chronicles.


She sings to brighten the dying world. He lurks in the shadows, hunting her kind.
When their paths collide, the past—and future—will unravel.

Tarset is accustomed to being the most famous woman on the planet. But the world is locked in a devastating war between humans and immortals, and her spotlight is fading. When she is inexplicably “killed” only to rematerialize in ancient Egypt, she is desperate to cross the vast chasm of time stretching out before her.

Striving to keep a low profile to avoid causing a devastating butterfly effect, Tarset journeys across the harsh desert and befriends a handsome stranger who claims he can repair the damaged timeline. But the man she suspects is her fated mate has an air of dangerous secrecy, and she fears one misstep could cost her life… and that of her entire bloodline.

Can this starlet in a strange land course correct the past before it scatters her future to the winds?

Song of Scarabs and Fallen Stars is the dark and seductive first book in the thrilling new time travel romance series, the Fateless Trilogy. If you like Egyptian mythology, emotional rollercoasters, ancient settings, and forbidden attractions, then you’ll love this atmospheric tale.

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