Steeped in ancient Egyptian mythology, the Echo Trilogy is a story of discovery, of an ancient, hidden past, and above all else, of a love that transcends the boundaries of time.


"What a superb novel!  Lex is a strong female lead who does not give an inch to her deliciously seductive, alpha male lover, Marcus.  They do not immediately jump into bed, and the slow build of sexual tension is sensual, steamy, and all the more satisfying for the anticipation."   InD'Tale Magazine


"I was just blown away by the way she incorporated the Egyptian mythology into the story and used it to create a believable explanation for the Egyptian gods...Even if you aren't the biggest ancient Egyptian fan, I highly recommend Echo Prophecy. It's a well-written, fast-paced novel with just enough romantic tension to keep the slow parts interesting."   Carrie Slager, The Mad Reviewer

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ECHO IN TIME, book one

Previously published as Echo Prophecy

Alexandra Larson isn’t quite human, but she doesn’t know that. Lex simply considers herself an ambitious archaeology grad student with a knack for deciphering ancient languages. When she’s recruited to work on her dream excavation, Lex’s translating skills uncover the location of the secret entrance to an undiscovered underground temple in Egypt. She is beyond thrilled with what she’s is the enigmatic and alluring excavation director, Marcus Bahur.  


As the relationship between Lex and Marcus heats up, a series of shocking revelations leaves the young archaeologist reeling. Together, the couple is all that is standing between an ancient, evil god and the power to alter the very fabric of time. Events set in motion by a dying god over four millennia ago pull Lex and Marcus away from Seattle and into the heart of Egypt, where they learn that the fate of the world is in the hands of a single person: Lex.

RESONANCE, an Echo Trilogy novella

This ECHO TRILOGY novella (12k words) takes place between Echo in Time and Time Anomaly

 **WARNING** This novella contains spoilers from the novel, Echo in Time. It's recommended that you read Echo Prophecy first, though it's not required.

A week has passed since the confrontation with Set. Lex and Marcus have been biding their time in Florence, waiting for Set to make a move.

Just as they're settling in to their new life together, an act of vandalism on one of Marcus's most prized possessions reveals that their past--and future--is far more complex than they realized.


**NOTE** This title is not available for purchase. Read for FREE here

TIME ANOMALY, book two

Previously published as Echo Queen

For most people, time is a river, flowing in only one direction...

...but Alexandra Larson isn’t most people.

PRESENT DAY...When Lex notices an inky presence darkening Marcus’s eyes, she discovers he’s no longer what he seemed. Almost too late, she realizes that the man she has entrusted with both her heart and her life is now her greatest threat. Seeking safety, Lex is forced to draw on her god-like powers and flee…to the ancient past. 

OLD KINGDOM EGYPT...Hiding in plain sight, Lex takes on the identity of the goddess Hathor as she struggles to blend in thousands of years before her own time. But the safety she sought proves elusive. If the body-snatching spirit of a dead god doesn’t kill her, her rapidly worsening bonding withdrawals will. Can she come to an arrangement with Heru, Marcus’s ancient counterpart, in time to save her life and the future? Or will the secrets she’s hiding push him away for good?


DISSONANCE, an Echo Trilogy novella

This ECHO TRILOGY novella (18k words) takes place between TIME ANOMALY and RICOCHET THROUGH TIME.


**WARNING** This novella contains spoilers from the earlier novels in the Echo Trilogy. It’s recommended that you read ECHO IN TIME and TIME ANOMALY first, though it’s not required.


With her feet firmly planted in the present, Apep no longer a threat, and a pair of twins on the way, Lex is ready to settle back into her normal life—or what qualifies as normal now that her family knows everything about the secret world of the Nejerets, mythic gods of time.


But an innocent daytrip to Seattle feels off to Lex the moment she steps onto the ferry, and an unsettling dream quickly turns into an all-too-real nightmare. When past and future dangers collide, Lex is forced to acknowledge that Apep might not have been the only—or the biggest—threat out there.


Time. It can be our best friend. Or our worst enemy...

For Lex, it’s both.

Alexandra Larson is done with time travel. She just wants to be normal. The husband, the kids, the career...she wants it all. And she’s close to having it. That is, until unwanted visitors bring dire news of her twisted, godly foe, Apep. He’s been freed from his inescapable prison by the Kin, and he’s coming for Lex and her unborn children.

The chase begins. Against her will, Lex is yanked backwards in time in an attempt to protect her from Apep. Each time her ancient enemy draws near, she’s pulled back further, tangling new threads into a timeline that must not be changed at any cost. The fate of the universe may depend on her surviving, but it doesn’t give a damn about her finding a way home.

Lex must battle time, itself, to return to her family, and she’s determined to do it. Or die trying.

Ricochet Through Time is the final book in the ECHO TRILOGY, but the story doesn't end there. Continue your adventures in the ECHO WORLD with the first book in the KAT DUBOIS CHRONICLES, Ink Witch.