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Tomb Raider meets Stargate in the captivating sci-fi adventure series, Atlantis Legacy. If you like ancient mysteries, Greek mythology, treasure-hunting adventurers, and dynamic characters, then you’ll love this exhilarating adventure.
✔ Lovable Heroine
✔ Wounded Hero
✔ Epic Historical Quest
✔ Slow-burn Romance
✔ Greek Mythology
✔ Ancient Aliens
✔ Action, Adventure, & Mystery

Atlantis Legacy prequel

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Keep your head down. Follow orders. The mission is paramount.
As a psychic warrior in the elite Order of Amazons, Peri is tasked with protecting the last vestiges of her people on the sanctuary planet of Atlantis, no matter the cost. For over a thousand years, she has enjoyed relative immortality, cycling into a freshly cloned body when the old breaks down. But corruption has taken root at the core of the settlement, and cracks are forming in the peaceful facade. Peri is no longer convinced that the mission she has devoted lifetimes to is still worth her loyalty, and she finds herself tempted by the chance of a forbidden romance with the brilliant, devious Hades.
Peri's disillusionment comes to a head when the hostile alien race that destroyed her people's home world, Olympus, threatens to do the same to Atlantis. The time for indecision is at an end. For her people to have any chance at a future, she must go against centuries of training and work with Hades to destroy the very thing she swore to protect. Time is running out, and the odds are stacked against her. Whether Peri fails or succeds, one thing is certain: Atlantis will fall.
But the end is only the beginning...
Sacrifice of the Sinners is the prequel to the riveting new sci fi adventure series, the Atlantis Legacy. This free novella transports readers thousands of years into the past to witness the long-forgotten events that set the scene for the rest of the series, millennia later. If you like ancient mysteries, gripping action, Greek mythology, and tales of forbidden romance, then you'll love this non-stop adventure.
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Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback. 

Atlantis Legacy, book 1

Some secrets are buried for a reason. She’s about to uncover the deadliest secret of all...
Anxious and reclusive, Cora Blackthorn uses online gaming as her sole tether to the outside world. Due to a condition that makes human touch crippling, she lives her life confined to a small island in the Puget Sound, never accompanying her mother on her tomb-raiding adventures. But when her mom sends home a cryptic SOS in the form of a mysterious package, Cora discovers the shocking truth behind her extraordinary affliction. Her condition isn’t an illness; it’s a gift not of this world.
Armed with a powerful, alien amulet and her mother’s journal, Cora heads to Rome on a desperate rescue mission. But on the way, she discovers that a secret society is hot on her trail, and she has no chance of outrunning them. Her only chance is to confront them head on. A clash within the twisty catacombs beneath Vatican City leaves Cora with a perilous choice: find her way through an ancient, deadly labyrinth and save her mom, or fail and die…
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Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback. 

Atlantis Legacy, book 2

Some myths hold a seed of truth. She must uncover the truth behind the myth of Hades, god of the underworld...before it destroys her.

Using wit and gumption—along with a hearty dose of her newfound psychic gifts—Cora Blackthorn has narrowly escaped the clutches of the Custodes Veritatis. With the help of her closest friend and strongest ally, Raiden Cross, as well as her mental hitchhiker, Persephone, Cora must outrun the sinister secret order long enough to uncover the mysteries left behind by Hades, the last of the Olympians. But when an ancient treasure hunt turns into a wild goose chase, Cora fears the worst—the quest is hopeless.

Until an unexpected discovery sets Cora on a new path. A hidden civilization thrives deep underground beneath the Amazon rainforest, and they have been waiting for Persephone's return. With their help, Cora discovers that the greatest danger to her life isn't the Order; it is Persephone, herself…
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Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback. 

Atlantis Legacy, book 3

An ancient enemy has Earth in its sights, and there's only one hope for humanity...
Cora and Peri have finally merged, making their minds one, but it's not all smooth sailing. Cora is having a difficult time reconciling her current, reclusive gamer identity with the badass warrior she was in lifetimes past. Before she can get a grip on her new reality, an old enemy resurfaces, endangering Earth and everyone residing there--including the last remnants of the Olympians.

With the help of her nearest and dearest, including the two men--one Olympian, one human--now vying for her heart, Cora must lead the team on a quest off-world to save the planet from certain destruction. Until some dire information surfaces, leading Cora to wonder if fighting is futile, and the only way to survive, is to run.
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Atlantis Legacy, book 4

Earth is doomed, but humanity still has a fighting chance…

Cora, the reincarnation of the powerful Amazon warrior, Persephone, already died to protect Earth once before. She’s not about to let her sacrifice be in vain.

Backed up by a dream team of humans and Olympians, Cora races against the clock to save what she can of the planet—and people—she loves from the ruthless Tsakali invaders. As the clock ticks down, she fears she made a grave mistake. By refusing to abandon either of her people, she may have inadvertently doomed both.

Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback.

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Atlantis Legacy, book 5

Still reeling from a heartbreaking loss, Cora embarks on a desperate mission to reclaim the shattered pieces of her heart. She is rage. She is vengeance. She is death.

And she is out for blood.

But when the mission to a dangerous alien planet doesn’t go as planned and the hunters become the hunted, she must reassess her priorities—dwell on those she has lost, or embrace the ones who remain.

Available in ebook and paperback. Audiobook coming soon!

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Atlantis Legacy, book 6

RELEASE DATE: July 18, 2023

The conclusion of the exhilarating science fiction adventure series, the Atlantis Legacy.

Cora has given up almost everything to live out her remaining years with Hades, protecting what remains of those she loves the only way she can—by plotting to destroy the Tsakali threat.

But when the mission goes sideways, Cora will need to face her bone-deep prejudices and trust the enemy. If she can't, she risks losing everything, including her own life.

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