Upcoming Release Schedule

Sooo...I just spent a couple hours putting together my production and release schedule for *most* of the rest of 2016, and it's pretty crazy. Like, intimidating crazy...nail biting crazy...what am I thinking crazy...

But here's the part that matters to you: release dates!!!


August 19

Ricochet Through Time (Echo Trilogy, #3)

September 16

Ink Witch (Kat Dubois Chronicles, #1)

October 28

Outcast (Kat Dubois Chronicles, #2)

December 15

Underground (Kat Dubois Chronicles, #3)

And for those of you who missed my last couple of newsletters (sign up here!), the Kat Dubois Chronicles will be starring Kat (from the Echo Trilogy) as the main character. It takes place years after the events at the end of Ricochet Through Time (Echo Trilogy, #3), and is sort of the trilogy's harder, darker cousin. It's turning out more Urban Fantasy that Paranormal Romance, though Kat's love life (and general willingness/ability to love) is one of the central struggles throughout the series.

Oh, and she carries a sword. Made of At. :)

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